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Table Access Enforcer

SUIM's Table Access Enforcer (TAE) allows you to solve the permission problems of transactions SE16 (displaying the contents of a table) and/or SM30 (maintaining the contents of a table) - without any custom development.
Solution is SAP certified - integration with SAP S4/HANA

SUIM's Table Access Enforcer is a flexible, fully-customizable solution to restrict table access for any attributes (fields and values), without the need for additional development. TAE is much easier to use than the standard SAP function, enabling you to efficiently create and manage complex value sets for filtering.


SUIM's TAE allows you to quickly and effectively restrict table access. Instead of having to create at least one transaction for each SAP view, you can quickly define this in TAE for all views, without the need for a developer.


Use TAE to define fully customizable rule sets and specify precise access to tables for viewing and maintainence.


TAE offers an easy-to-use user interface, allowing business professionals to define and operate its intuitive tools without the need of developers.

Authorizations related entitites

Authorization related entities represent elements of an IT solution/product that is delivered within this SUIM product and can be integrated  for generation, administration, provisionning and/or monitoring purposes.

Identity related entitites

Identity entities represent reource-related elements (identity, organization, user) of a solution/IT product that can be integrated in this SUIM product for administration, provisionning and/or analysis purposes.

Integration with 3rd parties products

Third-party products corresponds to all SAP and non-SAP, on-premises or cloud IT solutions/products for which this SUIM product has been interfaced / integrated. Each of theses connectors will be delivered within this SUIM product

Integration in other SUIM products

The other SUIM products are the other SUIM modules, which are not part of this solution, but for which integration adds value.
TOP 5 Features

Maximum access protection for your sensitive SAP tables

Protect your sensitive SAP tables while ensuring that your users have sufficient permissions to view the data they need (Need-To-Know).
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Data Browser Enforcer

Administrative units require authorized and secure browser access to SAP tables. Currently, each table access requires the creation of an ABAP program that extracts the data from an SAP table. These programs take time to implement. You also do not have the option of simply preselecting data. The Data Browser Enforcer is an application that solves these problems by customization instead of development.

Maintenance view Enforcer

Without TAE, a transaction must be created for each SAP view to access and/or modify data. Without development effort it is not possible to filter/hide authorized data within the SAP view. This leads to costly SAP development efforts that are often abandoned due to cost. In the Maintenance View Enforcer, you can solve the problem using customization instead of development.

Full SE16/SM30 functionality
  • The TAE includes almost all functionalities of the SE16 transaction (preselection, Excel, download etc.) in the TAE data browser.
  • The TAE includes almost all functionalities of the SM30 transaction (filtering, saving, printing etc.) in the TAE data browser.
Authorization checks for each table including its content

The authorization check includes not only which table a user can access, but also which data within that table may be viewed or changed. For example, a user could be restricted to view only data belonging to company code 1000.

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