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Emergency Handler

SUIM's Emergency Handler (EH) allocates users enhanced authorization rights for a limited period.
Solution is SAP certified - integration with SAP S4/HANA

In everyday use, your users should only have appropriate authorizations for their jobs and areas. This is true for ordinary users, as well as for administrators, developers, and your on-call support. Especially on productive systems, authorizations are normally limited to only basic rights but no customizing or development activities are allowed. In special cases, however, expanded authorizations are necessary (fire fighter function).

For such situations, SUIM's Emergency Handler (EH) allocates users greater authorization rights for a limited period. During this period, all user actions are recorded for audit purposes. EH also offers the possibility to run control scans, using SUIM's Compliance Enforcer's rule-set, to identify unauthorized actions after an emergency has been dealt with.


In an emergency, SUIM's EH assigns authorizations in seconds rather than via time-consuming internal coordination and approval processes. Due to the comprehensive data collection, automatically started during the emergency (log files), you can benefit from huge time-saving in the controlling processes.


With SUIM's Emergency Handler you can define a wide range of scenarios before emergencies occur, specifying which users are granted additional rights, with which authorization, and for which period of time. This is possible for the SAP CC as well as for the business department.


With Emergency Handler, the assignment of emergency rights is done in a few clicks, minimizing delay in time-critical emergencies. Different sets of authorizations (EH roles) can easily be customised and assigned, so each user is attributed the proper enhanced authorizations during an emergency and not necessarily SAP_ALL for everyone.

Authorizations related entitites

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Identity entities represent reource-related elements (identity, organization, user) of a solution/IT product that can be integrated in this SUIM product for administration, provisionning and/or analysis purposes.

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TOP 5 Features

Rapid Extended rights assignment for fire fighting

When a problem occurs, EH ensures the rapid assignment of emergency rights directly on the system integrated in the SAP help menu (fire fighter function).
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Activities Control

EH allows you to scan the logs saved during an emergency and view possible violations of critical activities (e.g. change on tables, use of DDIC, SAP* etc.). You can also configure automated information distribution to the relevant departments (e.g. controlling) when emergency rights are used. What activities are critial and need to be controlled during an emergency can be specified by your own needs (control plan).

Reporting and analysis

Detailed reporting and analysis of activities for monitoring and auditing purposes on a central system. EH protocols are stored for an unlimited timespan (if needed) and information can be provided at any time to internal ICS controlling and external auditors about emergency actions taken. Establishment of automated information distribution when emergency rights are used.

Recording of all activities

EH collects and analyzes all activities of the emergency user in the period from the opening to the end of the emergency. This includes, for example, named business transactions, changes to the generated table, generated modification reports or changes to user and authorization master records.

Time limited rights

The assignment of EH roles takes place via self-service or by the EH administrator and is always time limited. An emergency can be specified for a certain time span and ends automatically.

Extended rights for those who need them

Easy management of extended rights and their assignment to responsible persons in order to be able to carry out the necessary measures on your SAP system in emergency situations

Pre-configuration of emergency scenarios using:

  • Emergency profiles
  • Emergency users
  • System-specific emergency rights
  • Central request with or without validation
  • Self services with or without validation

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