Identity Management

Identity Manager

SUIM's Identity Manager (IM) covers all the key processes for safe and efficient user management of your employees, consultants, technical and test users, across your entire system landscape.
Solution is SAP certified - integration with SAP S4/HANA

The challenges of expanding IT systems and increased regulation around risk and compliance are well-known. It is increasingly complicated to keep user data up-to-date, secure and consistent throughout the employee's lifecycle (entry, leave and internal job transition) across different systems. SUIM's IM helps you manage and maintain oversight of your employees identities and user IDs, from one centralized platform across all systems - SAP and non-SAP. IM connects identities across all your business platforms, on premise or in the Cloud.


SUIM's IM enhances efficiency by streamlining user access and security processes. It centralizes user administration and authorizations, reduces administrative overheads and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. With features like single automated user provisioning and password management, it simplifies user onboarding, enhances productivity, and improves overall system security. The result is greater operational efficiency, reduced IT costs, and enhanced user experience.


IM offers flexibility by adapting to diverse organizational and business needs. The solution integrates with existing on-premise or Cloud systems, allowing seamless user access across platforms. With scalable architecture and customizable configurations, IM can evolve with changing business requirements, providing a flexible and future-proof identity management solution.


SUIM's IM solution offers simplicity by providing a unified platform for managing user identities. It simplifies user provisioning and de-provisioning through a centralized control and automation mechanism. With its intuitive interface and self-service capabilities, it allows users to easily manage their accounts, reducing IT support burden. IM's streamlined workflows and standardized processes make it straightforward to enforce security policies, ensure compliance, and maintain an user-friendly experience for all.

Authorizations related entitites

Authorization related entities represent elements of an IT solution/product that is delivered within this SUIM product and can be integrated  for generation, administration, provisionning and/or monitoring purposes.

Identity related entitites

Identity entities represent reource-related elements (identity, organization, user) of a solution/IT product that can be integrated in this SUIM product for administration, provisionning and/or analysis purposes.

Integration with 3rd parties products

Third-party products corresponds to all SAP and non-SAP, on-premises or cloud IT solutions/products for which this SUIM product has been interfaced / integrated. Each of theses connectors will be delivered within this SUIM product

Integration in other SUIM products

The other SUIM products are the other SUIM modules, which are not part of this solution, but for which integration adds value.
TOP 5 Features

Capture user's lifecycle in one central platform

IM covers all the key processes for safe and efficient User Management - including: manual or automatic creation, delimitation, deletion or modification of identities, maintaining properties, reconciliations processes and much more.
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Software follows process

IM offers a template based on the commonly used processes in large organizations to specifiy the actions along with the users life-cycle. It is possible to extend these processes by incorporating your own specifications. This flexibility allows the process to be defined by business needs instead of the software's capabilities.

On-premise or cloud target systems

Expand IM to all your business solutions with more than 20 connectors  - in the cloud or on premise - such as ABAP Stack, BTP, SAP HANA DBMS, SuccessFactors, Active Directories, Microsoft Entra ID and many more. Please find the connectors in the section above.

Automated provisioning and deprovisioning processes

IM enables you to dynamically assign or remove roles, privileges, and permissions to users based on their job responsibilities or attributes like position, department, project involvement etc. This automated feature ensures users have the necessary access for their tasks while maintaining security and reducing administrative overhead.

unified and central platform

With IM you are able to manage identities across all systems from one central point. Numerous features are available to facilitate day-to-day operations of user identity management - e.g. password set and reset, locking / unlocking, user parameters, self service, housekeeping activities.

Event based management

IM reacts on events send either by HR systems (SAP-HR, Workday etc.) or by Active Directory changes. These events initiate reconciliation processes on the desired date, allowing user accounts to be created, modified, deleted or delimited on all systems integrated into IM. Therefore IM ensures consistency of the user master data across all systems.

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