Application Monitoring

Activity Detector

SUIM's Activity Detector enables the selection and transfer of various log types into a central cockpit, consolidating all user activity traces on your systems for offline analysis
Solution is SAP certified - integration with SAP S4/HANA

For audit and tracing needs it may be necessary to display a user's activities on different SAP systems for a specific time period. Such a search can be difficult, both in terms of accessing the different data and in consolidating it in a readable format.

SUIM's Activity Detector (AD) centralizes various log types into one platform, aggregating all user data across your systems. Its integration with non-SAP systems makes it a robust tool for IT controls. Key features include non-emergency activity collection and intuitive Excel reporting for straight-forward analysis and presentation.


SUIM's Activity Detector enables you to quickly compile detailed statistics on user activities over time, across multiple SAP ABAP stack systems, a highly labor-intensive task when typically done separately in each system.


Activity Detector offers various options to select and collect data from different systems and log types.


AD generates detailed usage statistics in an easy-to-use interface and allows for their export as a convenient Excel file.

Authorizations related entitites

Authorization related entities represent elements of an IT solution/product that is delivered within this SUIM product and can be integrated  for generation, administration, provisionning and/or monitoring purposes.

Identity related entitites

Identity entities represent reource-related elements (identity, organization, user) of a solution/IT product that can be integrated in this SUIM product for administration, provisionning and/or analysis purposes.

Integration with 3rd parties products

Third-party products corresponds to all SAP and non-SAP, on-premises or cloud IT solutions/products for which this SUIM product has been interfaced / integrated. Each of theses connectors will be delivered within this SUIM product

Integration in other SUIM products

The other SUIM products are the other SUIM modules, which are not part of this solution, but for which integration adds value.
TOP 5 Features

Log analysis

The Activity Detector retrieves and tracks selected users' actions in an SAP system, enhancing security. It pairs well with SUIM's Compliance Enforcer, which scans for risk violations in the logs and provides detailed views for further control.
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Background request option

Possibility to execute the query in the background (for large queries). Consolidation and Excel generation can be done in a second step. Buffer data can be deleted.

Detailed data generation
  • Change object document -thousands of tables depending on system
  • Change logs in customizing tables - Customizing tables / SCU3
  • User logs and authorizations
  • HR logs during Infotyp changes
  • Change logs SE16n (data changes of tables with SE16)
  • Security audit log
  • and many more
Export as Excel file

The consolidated results are exported in an Excel document for a group of users for specific systems in a specific period - a special interface has been developed for this purpose.

Online request option

Possibility to execute each query online. In this case, no data is stored in a buffer table.

Special compliance rule set for scanning violations of risks

Compliance Enforcer can be used to scan for risk violations within the retrieved logs and display them for further control. A special rule set can be defined for scanning violations.

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