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Business Role Validator

SUIM's Business Role Validator (BRV) is an application that enables a simplified and tailored access review process
Solution is SAP certified - integration with SAP S4/HANA

The authorization access review in organizations is designed to periodically review particular user permissions. Often this is a tedious and error prone manual process. SUIM's Business Role Validator is an application that enables you to generate and assign review tasks automatically, at the right time and to the right people. The frequency and duration of such checks can vary according to a range of different factors (level of risk, applications, ...). Authorization access should be reviewed by line managers or by business role managers, or both.


Implementing Business Role Validator automates periodic authorization validations, significantly reducing time compared to manual processes. Its ability to automatically identify roles for re-validation and integrated validation workflow saves administrators considerable time.


Business Role Validator allows customizable settings for role validation, including frequency, responsible personnel, and preferred methods, whether through workflow or Launchpad.


SUIM's Business Role Validator streamlines role verification with an intuitive interface, allowing quick validation with minimal effort. Its smart workflows simplify complex responsibilities, enhancing user experience.

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TOP 5 Features

Central Worklist

SUIM's Business Role Validator offers a user-friendly interface for quick role assignment verification and validation. Its efficient workflows simplify complex tasks, enhancing overall usability and traceability.
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Proactive generation of validation process

Depending on the configuration of the system, validators are automatically alerted with the items to be done and on the desired date. No need to have an administrator to generate validation requests.

Complete audit trail of all validation actions

Every single validation action such as opening and closing periods or accepting and rejecting approvals is recorded in the BRV logs. In addition, all role changes as a result of a denied validation (including text) are also recorded in the AM / AMSO action log.

Validations check by role owner / supervisor

Following validation functions in BRV are available: 

  • The role owner validates all role assignments for which he is responsible.
  • The periodicity is defined in the validation period for the validation by the owner of the role.
  • The supervisor checks all authorization assignments of his employees.
  • The periodicity is set in the validation period for the validation by managers.
Validation with easy interface for managers or by workflow

The simple and ergonomic user interface increases the satisfaction of users (managers and role owners). The included bulk processing and reports (including transactions, risks) further increase the efficiency of a revalidation process. For each validation type, the validations can be performed via workflow or via the launchpad.

Dynamic Intervals for validation

For each type of validation, a periodicity can be defined as well as the roles to be validated. For example, the audit of those responsible for roles takes place 2 times a year for 20 days, while the audit by supervisors takes place annually for 15 days.

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