SOA – Service Oriented Authorizations. When redesigning processes and managing migrations towards an Enterprise Service Architecture, you need to ensure the integrity of your system security. SUIM’s Application Tracer solution generates authorizations based on executed processes, retaining only necessary authorizations, thus ensuring that your new processes are more efficient AND secure.

SUIM provided excellent advice to our redesign team and we found that SOA resulted in more streamlined authorizations process.

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Over time, changes to systems and organizational structures can mean that your original roles concept no longer matches current needs. When redesigning your authorizations, either due to an audit or lack of functionality, you want tools to prevent authorizations from deteriorating again. With the SUIM’s AIM solution, you have the tools to analyze your authorizations, redesign them on a solid base, and monitor them over their lifecycle.

“The SUIM team brought a wealth of experience to redesign our authorizations system post-merger, making the integration safer and far less costly than originally foreseen.”  

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SAP upgrades can be complex projects that demand a high degree of coordination between customizers and your security team. Even small oversights can lead to difficulties on going live, with either unsecured systems or productivity drops due to missing authorizations, as well as significant frustration among users. Our Authorizations Assistant, ensures your support authorizations’ productivity throughout the redesign of your existing user authorizations. SUIM can help you before, during and after an SAP upgrade, to keep your systems working securely.

“The combination of SUIM’s expertise and their AA module greatly facilitated communication among our security team, end users and business area experts, improving both the speed and outcomes of our major SAP upgrade.” 

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Our developers have extensive experience in ABAP, JAVA, mobile development using Neptune Software, SAP Gateway, Fiori and HANA. Explore our products and solutions to find what fits you best. Should you require bespoke applications for your SAP Systems, especially in sensitive areas where offshoring is not an option due to security issues, contact us.

All our developers have security clearances from the Swiss government and military.

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We offer three levels of training and certification for each of our products. Our User level courses enable end users to master an application and its reporting capabilities. The Consultant level covers basic customizing tasks and advanced reporting. Finally, the Expert course covers all advanced customizing tasks, such as setting up a system from scratch or customer-specific adaptations of the products.

“SUIM’s course was a very cost-effective way of getting our team up to speed quickly. They were able to get the most from the tools straight away, particularly for reporting.”

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The Right Services. The Right Solutions. Every Time.


SUIM’s Service Management Expertise

Let SUIM help you get the best cost-benefit from your IT Services Management centers. Backed by SUIM’s Service Analyzer tool, our team can help your teams optimize their services to clients and C-Suite and better manage licences and internal billing.

SUIM’s Identity Management Experience

From inception to implementation, SUIM can work with your teams to design, develop and implement the Identity Management systems and tools you need. From HR and LDAP, to SAP portals and HANA, including workflows, self-services and reporting. SUIM works with many of Switzerland largest and most security-conscious organizations: Identity Management is at the heart of our business.

SUIM – your partner for Compliance and Risk

SUIM works with clients to understand the A to Z of their risk and compliance demands. From standard to bespoke solutions, SUIM helps you to customize and implement your processes and workflows while ensuring they meet the demands of your auditors and regulators.