Launchpad Designer

The big picture

Occasional SAP end-users can struggle with the ergonomics of SAP-GUI user interfaces.  SUIM’s Launchpad Designer is a simple add-on that offers an intuitive user interface, making it easier and faster to run different types of applications for your end-users.

How to provide your end users with ergonomic workspaces that pool their SAP tasks on a SAP-GUI

The SUIM’s Launchpad Designer allows the generation of graphical workplaces for SAPGUI applications.

Based on transactions, hotspots, and mime objects (images, videos, pdfs) a HTML page is generated, which displays all the customized content.


Tile pages

It is possible to define pages of type tiles. These pages consist of a picture on the left, and a succession of groups containing each of the tiles. A title as well as a customer logo can be added. Thanks to CSS transitions, effects can be achieved when positioning the mouse on a tile

Content pages

Content page are used to group items in groups. You can define as many groups as you want. Each group consist of a logo, a title and a description. Each element can be linked to a documentation, a warning and/or a number of elements

Easy configuration transaction

A configuration transaction is delivered to create as many as you want launchpads and pages. Configuration and direct result display inside the same screen is possible

Role based content

You are able to define différant screens for the same application depending on users roles

Landing/Tiles Pages

Landing page for a end-user role or for a specific application

You are able to customize a landing page for a specific end-user group. This landing page regroups in sections drill down pages, important transactions or services or documentation and tutorials links or desktop applications links related to this section.