Landscape Optimization Modules

SUIM’s RFC Analyzer enables the analyis and optimization of RFCs across your entire system landscape. It also enables you to mass generate RFCs and check RFC’s attributes from a central system (RFC destination existency in systems, RFC type, RFC user, RFC IP or server name).

“RFC Analyzer provides a direct connection to systems, meaning inconsistent entries can be quickly spotted and corrected”


Launchpad Designer enables you to generate quickly graphical workplaces for SAPGUI and portal applications.

“Launchpad Manager embeds transactions, hotspots and mime objects (images, videos, pdfs) to generate HTML pages displaying your customized content.”


If you want to secure your SAP system from remote access from external/other SAP systems, SUIM’s S_RFC Optimizer can be used as add-on for our AIM solution to optimize S_RFC authorisation objects in your SAP roles – depending on system usage.

“S_RFC Optimizer scans the RFC functions and/or the group of functions used during the execution of a SAP transaction/Service and inserts the necessary roles. It helps you to eliminate the * (all authorisations) inside this object.”