We have been implementing and supporting our SAP-certified solutions for large and medium-sized, public and private sector clients for over a decade.

SUIM solutions manage more than 350’000 unique identities, over 650 SAP clients, 40 portals, 4 HANA DB systems, and 20 active directories.

We work across all industries: current SUIM clients include companies in Banking, Chemicals, Communication, Consumer Goods, Defense, Healthcare, Higher Education, Med Tech and Public Administration.

… around the world, SUIM products have been implemented in client operations in China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Tunisia, UK, and the USA.

… and at home with some of Switzerland’s most demanding organisations. The majority of our clients employ between 1’500 and 5’000 people but a few rank among Switzerland’s largest employers.

SUIM clients by employee numbers


< 500


between 500 and 15’000


between 15’000 and 50’000


> 50’000

The implementation of the integrated identity, authorization and risk management project with SUIM is a success. When new requirements were requested the high degree of flexibility of the solution allowed for rapid implementation while arising issues were resolved quickly. I can thoroughly recommend the products and services by SUIM for complex and globally active organizations.

Bernd Staudacher, Manager SAP Basis & Site Lead Biberach | IT Infrastructure Dental Platform – Danaher

The easiness of use and the technical maturity of AM impresses me again and again. Thanks to the use of AM in the federal administration we can centrally manage 103 administrative units with more than 100’000 Users and thus realize important economies. The satisfaction of our customers in the service area of authorizations has been strongly enhanced.

Walter Bremer, Head of Engineering (BWL)