Authorizations Management Modules

SUIM’s Access Manager is a central authorization management system. It also enables you to manage the most complex permissions clearly, in accordance with the organization of your company and in real time. It is also a reliable tool for provisionning authorisations to end-users.

Derivatives of roles are automatically generated and distributed across your entire system landscape.

“SUIM’s Access Manager manages all types of authorization objects, including BW analysis authorizations or HANA permissions generated according to their predefined rules”


SUIM’s Access Manager for Support Organisations (AMSO) is a central authorization management system for support and technical users. It also enables you to manage the most complex permissions clearly, in accordance with the system landscape of your company, and in real time.

It manages all types of authorization elements, including BW analysis authorizations, HANA permissions, LDAP Groups or SAP-Portal groups.

“AMSO is a highly reliable tool for provisionning authorisations to support, technical or consultant users”


In everyday use, your users should only have appropriate authorizations for their jobs and areas. This is true for ordinary users, as well as for administrators, developers, and your on-call support. In special cases, however, expanded authorizations are necessary. For such situations, SUIM’s Emergency Handler (EH) allocates users greater authorization rights for limited period. During this period, all user actions are recorded for audit purposes.

SUIM’s Emergency Handler also offers a possibility of running control scans, using SUIM’s Compliance Enforcer’s rule-set, to identify unauthorized actions after an emergency has been dealt with.

“With its alert option, Emergency Handler issues us with a warning message and records automatically every action carried out by anonymous users (e.g. DDIC or SAP*), giving us greater oversight”


If you are in the process of validating a new role concept on SAP or want to facilitate communication between end-users and the authorisation support group, SUIM’s Authorisations Assistant is the tool you need.
AA is a solution for automating and/or managing workflows related to SAP roles.
Among other things, it compares two (old/new) permissions concepts related to one or all users and automatically and/or manually increases their roles in case of permissions issues.

“AA improves productivity by enabling end-users to alert the authorizations team about any problems with a single click”


SUIM’s Table Access Enforcer allows you to bypass the problems of transactions SE16 (displaying the contents of a table) and/or SM30 (maintaining the contents of a table) in relation to permissions.

“If an end user should only have access to one company’s data among a set of tables, TAE allows you to do this without any additional programmation”