Application Monitoring

Many questions in IT service management can only be answered if there is comprehensive information about your IT systems usage. The corresponding information is only available in SAP systems for a short period of time and must be stored in an appropriate format for permanent use. SUIM’s Application Tracer allows you to retrieve and store your IT-systems usage in order to evaluate them for diverse needs.

“By answering the questions “Who did what, where, how many times and when?” SUIM’s Application Tracer can support your SAP Competance Center in a multitude of ways”


Have you ever wished for a tool that allows users, their managers and system managers to monitor tasks and timing easily and quickly? SUIM’s Security Analyzer not only allows you to configure and monitor a whole range of tasks centrally but also provides a user-friendly dashboard giving each employee oversight of the tasks they have to perform.

“Thanks to this colour-coded cockpit, our users have a centralized means to easily see the tasks to be carrried out, those being analyzed and those completed on all the systems for which they are responsible.”