Authorisations Assistant  (AA)

The big picture

One of the most frustrating experiences for a user is an authorization error. This often results in an SU53 screenshot being sent and lenghty  back and forth between user -> Key User and Authorization team with lots of manual effort for the Authorization team as well as for the user

With SUIM’S Authorization Assistant (AA),  this process is simplified. With a single click, the user can raise an authorization issue, where the process is automated.

  • If the authorization is not blacklisted, the authorizations for this user can be enhanced automatically, or
  • the authorization team is notified with a workflow to approve or deny the role enhancement request.
  • Furthermore, if the required authorization already exists within the concept, a role request can be sent to the approver.

What is AA used for?

SUIM’s Authorization Assistant is used to centrally detect and remedy authorization errors

SUIM’s Authorization Assistant can be role or template user based